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Mas Chorizo? but of course

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Que pasa?  here is another choice mix from the homie Dj Chorizo Funk, posted up a few days back – an “all vinyl” mix recorded live at Body Rock in Austin, Tejas.  For our seattle based folk- Chorizo will be en la cocina tonight at the dj100proof / DJ Sean Cee / DJ Darwin Birthday Bash! @ Nectar, FREE SHOW! Bien provecho.


Some LxNxM housekeeping

Posted in Uncategorized by Toast on August 11, 2010

Well hey there, folks.

You may have noticed something’s a little different around Last Night’s Mixtape today. And you’re right – we’ve overhauled our old look in order to give you something new. We think it’s a pretty clean look, and huge shouts to Krieg and our dude the Swi Guy for making it happen.

Some new features you’ll notice:

1) We have a logo, and it’s filthy. We’ve actually had it for a little while, but sat on it until now. The design was done by our guy Junichi Tsuneoka over at Stubborn Sideburn design studio, who’s one of the best artists around, in our opinion. If you ever need anything done, he will do it right, and do right by you. Good people, get at him.

2) In the right column you’ll notice a featured mixtape. In that section we’ll be highlighting our own mixes and extra special mixes that we really really like (hence the “extra” in the special). Check that spot for some of the finest choice cuts.

3) Also in the right column, there’s a Soundcloud dropbox. You make music? Excellent, we were hoping so. If you have a Soundcloud account you can send it our way right through thurr. Hello, modern era.

4) And finally, the top bar along the top of the whole shebang floats down with you as you scroll. I just think that’s tight is all.

We’ll still be hitting you with all the good musics you like, and now it’ll look even more picturesque when come through. Hopefully there won’t be any bugs to work out, but let us know should you encounter anything, and bear with us while we get it fixed up.

And with that, that’s all he wrote. Thanks for coming through and supporting. We’re doing it for the love, and you’re giving it to us. Carry on.

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Los Rakas x Uproot Andy x Hold Yuh

Posted in music by Toast on August 10, 2010

Everyone’s favorite Bay Area/Panamanian duo has been busy. Abrazame, Los Rakas’ take on the world-dominating Hold Yuh riddim, originally dropped on that Free Music 2010 giveaway we told you about a while back, and recently they’ve been busy revisiting it.

In addition to collaborating on a delicate remix with Brooklyn mix maestro Uproot Andy, they’ve also just released a video to accompany the original version. The video’s a departure from their “Soy Raka” street party vibe, and while I still want the Turf Feinz to drop in at any minute, I suppose it’s not a bad thing that they mix up their approaches every now and then. Some thing about variety being the spice of life? Who knows? And for the record, yes, this is exactly how I dance on the beach. Just thought everyone should know.

Check the Uproot Andy flip below (and Abrazame acapella, Mr. Producer), and the video after the jump.


Erykah Badu X Rick Ross – Window Seat Remix/Get Munny (Video)

Posted in music, video by tang on August 10, 2010

Officer Ricky starts this video out like most Rick Ross videos, by rapping next to a fancy car.  And yes, his verse leaves a lot left to be desired (perhaps another rapper?).  But don’t worry, things get a little interesting once he picks Erykah up.  For starters, she’s wearing a Rick James wig.

Visuals courtesy of Creative Control.

On a side note, I hope Erykah doesn’t have a baby with Rick Ross now.

Meet Johannesburg’s New Star: Spoek Mathambo

Posted in music, Uncategorized, video by wordlush on August 7, 2010

Over the past few months, I’ve been following the career ascent of South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo and have mostly been intrigued by everything I’ve seen. All of the fast rising world music stars (M.I.A. especially) learn early on that you don’t have to be particularly amazing, you just have to intrigue the hell out of people and make “good” music that’s just a notch over everyone’s head. While this isn’t a knock, Mathambo has figured that out perfectly. His music is good, his aesthetics are even better and he represents a creative voice within Jozi that deserve to be heard. Plus he’s well produced and the team around him creates music naturally that all the culture vulture DJs of the U.S. and U.K. dream about.

Check out Mathambo’s new new video for the song “Mshini Wam.” His album of the same name drops September 13. Expect to hear a lot more about this cat a month from now.

DJ Wise — Afghani Mixtape

Posted in art, mix by wordlush on August 7, 2010

Not for nothing, there’s probably nobody else on earth tougher than folks from Afghanistan. They’re putting up with a total U.S. onslaught, a Taliban onslaught and God knows what else, without giving up at all. What exactly does that mean, who knows, but I sense they’re some tough motherfuckers. I found this image online a couple of days ago thanks to something the homie Peter Dean Rickards tweeted out and have been fascinated by it ever since.

Today, while still compelled by this photograph, I went on Soundcloud and wondered if there are any Afghani’s with Soundcloud accounts. It’s the concept that even amidst death, war and carnage, there’s still time to make music and dance. I didn’t find any DJs in Kabul with Soundclouds, but I did discover a solid mix from a cat named DJ Wise that’s worth a listen. Ever wondered what Afghan music is like? Probably not, but dig deep and find out below. That is if you’re a real music head.

Khingz: The Phở 99 mixtape

Posted in music, new by praxis83 on August 2, 2010

Once 1/2 of Abysinnian Creole, one of Seattle’s most beloved and down duos alongside Gabriel Teodros, The lyrically extraterrestrial Khingz has been traversing up and down the left coast of North America making music and being rad. Lately, the one and only Black Han Solo has been working on a live band+emcee project called Hi-Life Soundsystem , with some representatives from Seattle based Godspeed –  album on the way.

As a prelude to the full course of the upcoming mixtape Khake and Khool Aid, Khingz blesses us with this summer mixtape Pho99, fresh and hot – add  lime,  plum sauce and Sriracha and your good to go, uyệt vời (great)!

Oxnard’s Finest Team Up Again — “MEDical Card”

Posted in music, video by wordlush on August 2, 2010

Leave it to the kings of Oxnard, Madlib and his longtime collaborator MED, to come up with some of the smokiest raps, beats, and videos you’ve ever seen in your life. While Madlib stays putting out new material (peep the brand new Madlib Medicine Show Vol 8. right here), it’s been awhile since MED really did anything that caught my ear.But this new video for the song “MEDical Card” is a winner on all fronts. Cool concept, good camera work, tight beats, and good ganja rap. Even though it’s full of so much Cali weed culture it’s ridiculous, the song is tight. Oxnard stand up! According to the good folks at Stones Throw, MED should be dropping a project later this year. Hopefully it happens. Check the vid below.

Slum Village – Don’t Fight the Filling (ft. Dwele)/Daylight

Posted in music by tang on July 30, 2010

Ooooooweeeee!  Really?!?  This is almost too good to be new Slum Village.   It sounds like old SV came back from the past, but with a renewed, fresher sound.  It makes me feel kinda guilty that I like it so much knowing that Baatin and Dilla are no longer with us.  Is that wrong? 

“Don’t Fight the Filling/Daylight” is basically one of those two-in-one combo deals.  Elzhi and T3 spit some classic verses while Dwele softly kills the hook on the first half of the track .  Don’t Fight the Filling then gives way to Daylight, which is basically the best use of funky hand claps and sitars I’ve ever heard.   

This track is off the the Villa Manifesto EP, which came out July 27th – just in time for Slum Village to break up.  Yup, that’s what I said.  Ain’t that some bullshit?  

Download “Don’t Fight the Filling/Daylight” here (right click, save as). 

LxNxM interview with Reverie

Posted in Uncategorized by Toast on July 29, 2010

Last Night’s Mixtape covers all types of good music, and in all locations around the world. Luckily, it just so happens that one of my personal favorite musicians happens to live right here in my home base of Seattle. His name is Ahamefule Oluo, and he and vocalist Okanomode are collaborators on a project called Reverie. The concept? A ten-piece pop opera, based on the theme of making choices that you know you will regret, but that feel right at the time.

I was able to catch up with Aham and Okanomode, and get a quick interview with them. It’s a little window into two of the most fertile creative minds in the Northwest. And for Seattle folks, their show is coming up this Saturday, at Lo-Fi, and tickets are going fast – get them at Now I’m Fine, the official site for the project (and yes, I don’t like calling things “projects” either, but there may be no better way to describe this undertaking).

It’s LxNxM’s first time doing an interview, so bear with our technical awesomeness!